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Zambezia 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Wayne Thornley Running Time : 93 minutes Genre : ,
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Set in a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls, “Zambezia” is the story of Kai – a naïve, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of “Zambezia” where he discovers the truth about his origins and, in defending the city, learns how to be part of a community.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. itsmej says:

    omg! been waiting for this!
    hope it’s great quality!

    Thanks so much! :3

  2. fakterr says:

    nice UL thanks bro, crack up movie

  3. asdfg8732 says:

    thanks for the upload , it looks good

  4. T4R1K says:

    Great quality. A:9 / V:10 .


  5. grugly1984 says:

    Thanks !! Excellent quality and awesome movie!!

  6. cyklopPL says:

    Cool movie, good a v quality.

  7. cowman2000 says:

    Holy shit, thank you so much.

  8. ForCom5 says:

    Works like a charm!


    Seeding: eternally.

  9. arcticfoxdna says:

    Thanks so much for the upload. :)
    V: 9
    A: 9
    M: 7

  10. Captain_Zero says:

    Garbage. Has huge logo plastered all over it the entire time.

  11. BenF206 says:


    only issue i had with it was its a mkv file and had to convert to watch on my xbox360 other than that thank you so much i love this movie.

  12. zombieheadstomp says:

    another great product thanks! great movie!

  13. Coffeeman2cups says:

    good funny movie a/v 8

  14. Chased911 says:

    Simply put, Americans = fucking donkeys.

    Not because of this movie but because they really are fucking donkeys! 😀

  15. ransmitt says:


    Good upload, shit movie lol

  16. Arenddd says:

    Terrible audio.

  17. pws2013 says:

    A : 8
    v : 8
    m : 7
    quality good for a cm8 slightly jumpy in places, a good download.

  18. Trusted Tanauser says:

    Thanks ; I had a pleasant afternoon …

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