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We Bought a Zoo 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Cameron Crowe Running Time : 124 minutes Genre : ,
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Benjamin has lost his wife. In a bid to start his life over, he purchases a large house that has a zoo. This is welcome news for his daughter, but his son is not happy about it. The zoo is need of renovation and Benjamin sets about the work with the head keeper, Kelly, and the rest of the zoo staff. But, the zoo soon runs into financial trouble. The staff must get the zoo back to its former glory, pass a zoo inspection, and get it back open to the public.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. laaine20 says:

    good quality, Audio & Video are 10/10 .
    Good movie as well.
    thanks for the torrent !!! =]

  2. leafy1 says:

    Great film …….Thanks

  3. PapooseAnn says:

    This was fast download! Thanks for seeding! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. dsoumelr says:

    thnk yu so much

  5. thomas21111 says:

    For DVDSCR

    Best movie i have seen in a long time

  6. pharkit says:

    V: 10

    A: 10

  7. tfmoffat says:

    thank you

  8. nate98361 says:

    Thank you so much! This movie was amazing and the download speed was blazing!

  9. shane3900 says:

    finally one that the last 5 minutes are not stuffed.
    9/10 quality. thanx uploader and seeders.

  10. missash says:

    Cheers it’s not that bad it’s watchable :)

  11. StayPlation says:

    Overrated, 6/10

  12. village1diot says:

    Download, enjoy, and complain to your girlfriend.

  13. raz44 says:

    cmon people plsssssssssssssss seeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddd………..

  14. BertilGM says:

    quite allot of “AMERICA FUCK YEAH”.

  15. precipice says:

    ^In a bad light I mean, sorry for the double post

  16. hxxq says:




    AC3 Sounds better on Splash Pro Ex..

    use MPCHC or Splash… VLC i dont like..

  17. olepeasy says:

    Great work!

    A:8 -good
    V:9 -good
    M:9 -very good for fans of the tolkien-universe

  18. OGDragzz says:

    Hope the quality is as good as it looks, thanks man!

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