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The Raid Redemption 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Gareth Evans Running Time : 101 minutes Genre : , ,
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In the Jakarta slums, a derelict apartment building has become a no-go area – even the police are unwilling to enter. It has become a safe-house for the most dangerous killers and gangsters. A SWAT team infiltrate the building, under the cover of darkness, to remove its owner – a notorious drug lord named Tama.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. inuyasha5891 says:

    I have been waiting for this for a very long time! It’s going to be a fine night tonight, it’s going to be a fine day tomorrow! 😀

  2. greensbottom says:

    love this movie

  3. JVenture says:

    A & V – 10
    I liked this movie

  4. Philonetic says:

    Movie 10, thats right.

  5. s1raz1 says:

    u da man :D, thx for taking the time to upload

  6. TheEmpathicEar says:

    Amazing story!

  7. akwillson says:

    thanx. a lot

  8. jonnycinq says:

    File quality is fine. Movie sucks.

  9. evilmoon13 says:

    Ty! V9A9

  10. GoodFilms says:

    i’m surprised no one’s yet mentioned it’s jerky as hell. unwatchable.

  11. pnfkwfl says:

    Thank you for the upload

  12. [S.M.B] says:

    Good job
    thx alot and carry on with your gr8 work

  13. asupergeek says:

    Thank you


  14. thakurz says:

    i shall be thankful to those persons who spend there precious time to comment on the torrents…. rather its fake or hit….. coz your comments explain more than the descriptions…
    really thankyou guyz .. :)

  15. VainCape says:

    LIAM DIES IN THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. K_Ranger says:


    Not a bad escape for a couple of hours. You know going in what to expect. Enjoyed it.

  17. godlullaby says:

    Just tested. Good quality.
    V: 9
    A: 9

    …give or take..

  18. arishi says:

    quality is good and would you please upload the movie- the kings of summer.

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