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The Ides of March 2011

Year : 2011 Director : George Clooney Running Time : 101 minutes Genre :
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Stephen Meyers is an idealist who’s brilliant at communications, is second in command of Governor Mike Morris’s presidential campaign, and is a true believer. In the middle of the Ohio primary, the campaign manager of Morris’s opponent asks Meyers to meet; he offers him a job. At the same time, Morris’s negotiations for the endorsement of the man in third place, a North Carolina Senator, hit a snag. A young campaign intern, Molly Stearns, gets Stephen’s romantic attention. Republicans have a trick up their sleeve; Stephen may be too trusting, and Molly has a secret. What’s most important, career, victory, or virtue?


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  1. streetthug says:

    thanks for share

  2. nz_roundhouse89 says:

    Thanks man.


  3. The_Reasoner says:

    Excellent quality – A/9 V/8 – very very watchable.

  4. dittgull says:

    good work and continue with that :)

  5. Zertery says:

    almost DVD Quality
    Thats a Great movie

  6. Chased911 says:

    Wow, amazing copy!


    Thanks for the upload!

  7. csinerd says:

    Been waiting for this! Thanks!

  8. freeegatee says:

    Thank you very much.

  9. MovieFan says:

    REAL!! 10/10 Thanks uploader!

  10. audio says:

    great quality file, thanks UL dire and pointless movie though considering the talent involved

  11. vampzcore says:


  12. Jack_Reacher says:

    Oh about forgot! Thanks for the up !

  13. drknss85 says:

    SEED PLEASE!!!!!

  14. mavryk says:

    was able to view a 10 second clip. Legit. V7 A4

  15. 808statehawaii says:

    FUCKING AAAA !!!! Thank you so much .. i was waiting long time for this .. so happy i got you in my favourites 😀

    I ll text A/V laters .. Aloha and thx

  16. RicoHeat says:

    also uploaded a version with a sample and its only one part. Wish I had waited for it but its all good.. Thanks again!

  17. puffwun says:

    Is this good to download because I don’t wanna give my Galaxy Note II virus then I have to reformatted after all I did to it already.

  18. autistic-fury says:

    So a blu ray rip is staring you in the face and you ask about a/v fucking stupid snot eating mongoloids

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