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The Darkest Hour 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Chris Gorak Running Time : 89 minutes Genre : , ,
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The American software designers Sean and Ben travel to Moscow to sell their software to investors. However, their Swedish partner Skyler pulls a fast one on Sean and Ben, and they are out of the business. They go to a nightclub, where they meet American Natalie and Australian Anne and they flirt with the girls and see Skyler in the club. Out of the blue, the population is surprised by lights, which they mistake for natural phenomena. But soon, they learn that the lights are aliens invading Earth and using power supply to annihilate mankind. Sean, Ben, Natalie, Anne and Skyler hide in the kitchen and when they leave the place, they seek out survivors on the street. Are they the last people on Earth?


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18 Responses so far.

  1. CarlosATV says:

    Great Movie!! Recommend download!

  2. pooped says:

    Great movie…
    Video and sound quality is good.

  3. indiaman says:

    Thanks for this excellent film.
    A 10/10
    V 10/10

  4. anushkawj says:

    Great torrent
    M:10 (Movie is awesome)

  5. gaikarjun says:

    woww great pic quality

  6. BalisongBrad says:

    AV 9 M 8
    Great quality copy, really entertaining movie. Thanks for the quality upload!

  7. timothytt says:

    I find the movie brilliant, from the start, to the end. M=10

  8. deadbond says:

    Audio- 10
    f’ing infinity……d best of d best

  9. eshborn says:

    Amazing movie
    thank you So much

  10. Phatfish says:

    Yeeeah, because
    “AWESOME!! 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 BEST MOVIE EVER 10/10 10/10 10/10 AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!”

    Are so much more informative and constructive comments.

  11. zeb1432 says:

    Thank you unbelievable speed of down load took no more than 7 minutes

  12. matveev says:

    Well that movie was good! Keep up the good work !

  13. balrog814 says:

    End of watch is like a 100 times better.

  14. b15h0p74 says:


  15. drealmackoy says:

    thank you so much for the upload..

  16. PLEIGHER says:

    A = 2
    V = 3

    It’s free and it’s viewable. You need headphones to grasp the movies dialogue. Thank you .

  17. billybob007 says:

    Cheers ………
    Always honest

  18. SikDuc says:

    Final thoughts:


    Silly reboot.

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