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The Book of Eli 2010

Year : 2010 Director : The Hughes Brothers Running Time : 118 minutes Genre : , ,
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In a violent post-apocalyptic society, a drifter, Eli, has been wandering westward across North America for the last thirty years. He finds solace in a unique book which he carries on his person and guards closely, whilst surviving by hunting small animals and seeking goods in destroyed houses and vehicles to trade in villages for water and supplies. When he reaches a village ruled by the powerful mobster, Carnegie, the man views Eli’s impressive fighting skills and offers Eli a place within his gang. Carnegie presses his blind lover Claudia to send her daughter, Solara, to at least convince Eli to spend the night by sleeping with him. However, Eli proves to be the better man when he gently declines her advances. The girl sees Eli’s book, and when Carnegie finds out he beats her mother until she reveals what she saw. Carnegie sends his gang into the wasteland to take the book from Eli…


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18 Responses so far.

  1. JoelisaH says:

    Thank you

  2. sinstoryz says:

    V: 9
    A: 9

    Good upload.

  3. Kilza2 says:

    Very good movie. Cheers!
    MOVIE 9
    AUDIO 10
    VIDEO 10

  4. tophtml says:

    Great Movie, Great Quality. I saw the first one when it first came out so it all made sense to me.

  5. Alobarku says:

    Thanks, really, for the upload.

  6. BurningThemDown says:

    A/V: 9
    M: 8

  7. dajackel83 says:

    perfect 10 for 10

  8. johnnyx500 says:

    Thank you the upload! From Hungary

  9. JohnSchi says:

    Very good movie, great job on this UP. A & V = 8

  10. saintor says:

    Thanks !!

    A =10/10
    V = 10/10

    Seeding 10mb/s

  11. zakimar5 says:


  12. rubick01 says:

    Really great movie..I love it so much..amazing comedy..
    I try it and for me worked great :))

  13. vergisima says:

    A: 10 V: 10 M: 11 a.k.a. a deuce and a half.

  14. conchri says:

    thank you very much.

  15. Mole18 says:

    The anonymous download of TPB is just not working, what can y use instead of PrivitizeVPN??? help..

  16. nmarkus says:

    V-5 – video is angled and kind of grainy but decent for a cam. very watchable.

  17. behi09 says:

    thanks.good quality

  18. mErLoTtEs says:

    Awesome up! Probably one of the best cams ive seen. Also, Incredible movie. Completely watchable


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