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The Awakening 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Nick Murphy Running Time : 107 minutes Genre : ,
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In 1921, in London, the arrogant and skeptical Florence Cathcart is famous for exposing hoaxes and helping the police to arrest con artists. The stranger Robert Mallory tells her that the headmaster of a boarding school in Rookford had invited her to travel to Cumbria to investigate a ghost that is frightening the pupils to death. He also tells that many years ago there was a murder in the estate and recently pupil Walter Portman had died. The reluctant Florence finally accepts to go to Cumbria. On arrival, she is welcomed by governess Maud and the boy Thomas Hill. Soon Florence discovers what had happened to Walter and then the students, teachers and staff are released on vacation, and Florence remains alone with Robert, Maud and Tom in the school. Florence is ready to leave the boarding school when strange things happen, leaving Florence scared.


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  1. elitenoble says:

    Thanks for the upload ! Great movie btw.

  2. Taix4 says:

    watched this when i was young
    thanks for the up!

  3. mancblues says:

    Thanks a lot, mate.

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  5. meagain01 says:

    many tnx

  6. k1ngAE says:

    Thxfor the upload

  7. psycho34 says:

    downloading at 980 K’s (”

  8. pottermouth says:

    thank you

  9. neon says:

    its real :)

  10. jonjol says:

    Great quality, as always. Piratepedia rules. Respect, for making people happy

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  13. TPBGurl says:

    Oh you are my hero! I was looking for this the other night when I DL’ed the cheap crappy low budget version of it by accident! ty! ty! :)

  14. EnemyDrone says:

    stills look great !! will comment after..look too good too be true

  15. masterjed says:


  16. NerdLife says:

    Finally finished downloading.

    Video: 9
    Audio: 9
    Movie: 6.5/10

    Surprisingly a decent movie


  17. StevenHD says:

    A – 10
    V – 10
    Perfect quality ans sync!

  18. WTCSWE says:

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    Have a nice day/evening people and please don’t ignore what i’ve said above.

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