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Sur La Piste Du Marsuplami 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Alain Chabat Running Time : 105 minutes Genre : , ,
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When Dan Geraldo, a reporter on the look out for a scoop, arrives in Palombia, he doesn’t yet know that he is about to make a most amazing discovery. With Pablito, a hugely resourceful local guide, Dan will live an exciting adventure, confront a diabolical botanist, famished piranhas, a dictator with a deeply hidden secret, the Paya tribe with an age-old prophecy, and finally reveal the most extraordinary news: the Marsupilami, the mythical and mischievious animal, truly exist!


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18 Responses so far.

  1. Petersson33 says:

    nice one m8

  2. ronwess says:

    hey thanks, great job (” good lookin out (“

  3. nice_assu says:

    Its a good movie :)

  4. trojan007 says:

    excellent v-10 a-10 m-9 thanks

  5. Dr-Download says:


    best movie this year so far! must watch!

  6. Chased911 says:

    A = 9
    V = 9
    M = 8

    Awesome copy, thanks!

  7. Minsky93 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long!THANKS THANKS THANKS!

  8. tyranite says:


  9. dubblue4 says:


  10. cookies246 says:


  11. Calypso127 a says:

    Forget demonoid, was all about H33T

  12. ravenballa21 says:

    awesome rip, dvd quality. a/10 v/10 big ups

  13. TPBGurl says:

    I burned it to a DVD-R with 5 other movies, plays perfectly in my DvD player.
    Most old DvD, DVR, portable DvD players or ones marked divx will play .AVIs. This torrent here played great and looked great on my tv.


  14. Katty says:

    Awesome Thank You! :-)

  15. omgwtfnoob says:

    thank you , will download and rate after my internet renews (currently over my cap – thx NZ internet)… but being that it is an EZ upload, i can only assume its 10/10

  16. chafar says:

    Seriously seed, I’m uploading more than what I’ve downloaded

  17. azoze11 says:

    thank you bro

  18. Droc420 says:

    700mb is not BR
    who is the fucking stupid snot eating mongoloid?

    The autustic retard who dont know shit

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