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Spider-Man 2 – 2004

Year : 2004 Director : Sam Raimi Running Time : 127 minutes Genre : ,
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Peter Parker is an unhappy man: after two years of fighting crime as Spider-Man, his life has begun to fall apart. The girl he loves is engaged to someone else, his grades are slipping, he cannot keep any of his jobs, and on top of it, the newspaper Daily Bugle is attacking him viciously, claiming that Spider-Man is a criminal. He reaches the breaking point and gives up the crime fighter’s life, once and for all. But after a failed fusion experiment, eccentric and obsessive scientist Dr. Otto Octavius is transformed into super villain Doctor Octopus, Doc Ock for short, having four long tentacles as extra hands. Peter guesses it might just be time for Spider-Man to return, but would he act upon it?


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18 Responses so far.

  1. Hoirc88 says:

    Awesome!! Thanks man.

  2. amputate says:

    thx man 😀

  3. ianislavus says:

    FANTASTIC MOVIE! thanks a lot! :)

  4. Sherpantin says:

    A: 10 V: 10 M: 10
    Awesome movie

  5. IoWaSDiA says:

    Great up, good movie too. Thanks!

  6. Ozspanman says:

    V: 9
    A: 9

    Good movie though. Cheers to the uploader.

  7. meagain01 says:

    many tnx

  8. hihoyomama says:

    BTW nice upload


  9. surtock says:

    Solid 9/9

  10. shannybee79 says:

    sound wasn’t great but picture was really great so all in all 8/8

  11. fukunt2 says:

    have a nice day.

  12. TrustyPez says:

    Great Upload

    for a DVDRIP 10/10
    Movie 8.5/10

    Keep up the good work :)

  13. SmokieTonto says:

    Tell me about it. GEts annoying seeing his stupid ass everytime or stupid porn ads. At least if your going to have a shitload of ads, put up different kinds.

    and thanx . A/V-10. Much appreciated

  14. armand72 says:

    merci merci merci!

  15. xprest1ge says:

    Great quality and audio.


    Seed and leech this!

  16. Phatfish says:

    A – Good

    V – OK

    M – Oh dear, the violins are heavy in this one. Seriously, WTF is this? 20 min in my gage reflex just couldn’t take it anymore.
    If you lack any kind of self respect you probably like this movie.


    Go fuck yourself slowly with a cactus!

  17. mylegacy says:

    yes this is real i signed in just to say it watchable so dont bitch

  18. Outlanderoz13 says:

    thanx , whose downloads are better than all those bitches who have little else to do with there small minds but whine about shit , if you cant post better shut the f**k up !!!

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