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Seeking Justice 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Roger Donaldson Running Time : 105 minutes Genre : , ,
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In New Orleans, English teacher of the high school Rampart High, Will Gerard, and his wife, musician Laura Gerard, are in love with each other. One night, Laura leaves a rehearsal and is assaulted, while Will is playing chess with his friend Jimmy. Will is visiting her in hospital when, out of the blue, a stranger named Simon tells him that he belongs to an organization of vigilantes and offers to eliminate the assailant. In return, the organisation would want a favor from Will in the future. Will agrees, and the criminal is murdered. Six months later, Simon collects his debt with Will. He demands that Will kill Alan Marsh, a pedophile. Will accidentally kills Alan and soon he learns that the victim was an awarded journalist that was investigating the organization. Now he seeks evidences to prove his innocence but the network of the organization is powerful and is seeking Will out to eliminate him.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. mhelm says:

    Pretty good movie and good quality. V-9 A-9
    Thanks for the great upload.

  2. thanos123123 says:

    wow i ve been expecting for this for ever….thanks

  3. KnottyBoi says:

    cool movie

  4. xLucentx says:

    lovely, ty

  5. MrAssistance says:

    thanks . seen it 3 times on the cinema. Need to see it again ^^

  6. ithurts says:

    A : 9
    V : 7
    Average quality, but completly watchable, so only torrent = good torrent.

  7. deebeef says:

    great torrent. thanks laddy!

  8. Pirate2P says:

    Sweet! Was hoping for something good to watch tonight – much appreciated :)

  9. Music_Is_My_Life says:

    It’s the whole movie.

    A: 9
    V: 9
    M: 8

  10. Tony_Garland says:

    Thank you so much, great download, so many good actors really enjoyed the movie

  11. mrfpr77 says:


  12. Dubious55 says:

    Awesome Movie
    Whoever think its bad is prolly a member of KKK

  13. port8080 says:


    Thanks for the upload…Quality Work

  14. Pakundo says:

    I’d rather wait the extra month till the movie premiers at Israel rather than watch this movie in cam quality, but thanks for the effort.

  15. mattyhunt82 says:


    havnt watched yet but im sure it will be 10/10

  16. rollyis38 says:


    Some dont care about “M”..?
    Oh well…its my opinion…we watched 40 minutes, and couldnt take the shit anymore..

    Wasted 40 minutes…Note I dont often comment on “M”…

  17. Lisa77Lisa77 says:

    A/7 V/7 (clarity) but throughout the movie the camera shakes likes hes readjusting. Watchable definitely, good enough for me for free!! TY

  18. TWEETY2455 says:

    The movie surprised me big time,worthy downling my opnion kik ass action movie.
    i already gave my AnV comments.

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