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Red Hook Summer 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Spike Lee Running Time : 121 minutes Genre :
Movie review score

A middle-class boy from Atlanta finds his worldview changed as he spends the summer with his deeply religious grandfather in the housing projects of Red Hook, Brooklyn.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. clorf01 says:

    VODRip sounds so cool, thanks for the up

  2. x3panda says:


    Thanks for another great upload.

  3. buddahsu says:

    Flawless as always
    Ty much for upload :)

  4. maulki says:

    It’s real, good quality and english subs. TY.

  5. paparob says:

    fast download
    thank you and fellow seeders.

  6. ransmitt says:


    Good upload

  7. Granchy says:

    V: 9
    A: 9

    It’s a good rip.

  8. surtock says:

    Solid 9/9

  9. Fantria says:

    thanks for the upload

  10. wishbone says:

    gr8 upload :-) Thnx

  11. kidlonewolf says:

    thx another great upload, A/9 V/10

  12. ganjubi says:

    Really enjoyable movie if you’re a pure drama lover.

    A: 9
    V: 9
    M: 9

  13. pxpierre says:

    Thank you seeders for the torrent and to q00u for saving me from downloading it.

  14. ScottyD7421 says:

    Wow that was extremely good quality even for TS.


    A few minor blurs throughout the film and one syncing issue which lasted approx 2 minutes (out of sync by less then a second).

    I stand impressed.

    Many thanks for uploading , appreciate your effort as always.

  15. nazgull2k10 says:

    Anyone who gives this movie more then a 3 out of 10 is a fucking 2 celled amoeba retard who knows absolutely Fuck all about the real world.

  16. m19 says:

    Size – Perfect

  17. huldu says:

    Yeah, it clearly has some sort of frame issues going on. Played it in several players, all shows the same tiny “stuttering”. It’s not a huge problem but it’s noticeable obviously. Not a huge shocker people aren’t “complaining”… most of you download terrible cams and watch them through.

  18. zatara04 says:

    Thanks !already downloading

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