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Rampart 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Oren Moverman Running Time : 108 minutes Genre : ,
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Dave Brown is a Los Angeles police officer who works out of the Rampart Division. Dave is misogynistic, racist, brutally violent, egotistical and a womanizer, although he defends himself against many of these accusations as he says that his hate is equal opportunity. However unlawful, he uses intimidation and brutal force to defend his ideals. The most notorious of his actions is purportedly murdering a suspected serial date rapist, which is why he has been given the nickname “Date Rape Dave”. He lives with two of his ex-wives – sisters Barbara and Catherine – in an effort to keep family together, namely his two daughters, Helen and Margaret, who each have a different sister as their mother. Dave still maintains a sexual relationship with both sisters – whenever the mood suits any of them – while he openly has other sexual relationships. His life is put under a microscope after he is caught on video brutally beating a person with who he got into an automobile crash…


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  1. kallekallekallehandy says:

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    you are the BOSS!!! torrent works great

  3. abagani says:

    Good movie!! Thanks for uploading this.

  4. ndame121 says:

    great quality many thanks

  5. Fantria says:

    a 10 v 9 great copy thank you so very much….

  6. DTake2012 says:

    A: 10/10
    V: 9.5/10
    Can’t believe an amazing copy has been uplaoded so soon.

  7. Sh0ckerElite says:

    Great Movie and Superb Quality. Thank You

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    Fantastic movie!

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    will you please upload all the adroa you can get but especialy decimation

  13. mylo6 says:

    really enjoyed this film

  14. Robin1966 says:

    good film. Almost the same story as City of Industry.

  15. inzenyr says:

    thanks , you’re rule them all

  16. mike1961 says:

    A9/V9 M 6.5. Thanks for the ul

  17. trevab2 says:

    for a cam its not that bad. You dont miss anything important during the couple of un-focused parts. Yeah he moves the camera around a few times…..if you are actually watching the movie you dont even notice it.

    for a cam
    m- im not a fuc-king movie critic.

  18. eclipes126 says:

    you the man hero

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