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Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003

Year : 2003 Director : Gore Verbinski Running Time : 143 minutes Genre : , ,
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This swash-buckling tale follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth, the daughter of the governor and the love of Will’s life, has been kidnapped by the feared Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, but the fierce and clever Barbossa has been cursed. He, along with his large crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live, nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. blackcaterpillar says:

    Great quality! Very nice and clean LiNE audio, and very good DVDRip video. Feel free to download this!

  2. Iced02 says:

    Thanx soooo much being waiting for this 1 :)

  3. MarzEz says:

    Works fine for me, no problems.
    Quality is excellent, even full screen at 2048px wide.

  4. brell69 says:

    thanks for the upload!

  5. olepeasy says:

    Great work!

    A:9 -good
    V:9 -good
    M:9 -very good for fans

  6. KroniKDeatH says:

    Thanks .. I love screener copies.

  7. JustAnotherApprentice says:

    Thanks a lot!

  8. panosol says:

    thanks …simply the best !!!

  9. AnoTorrent says:

    This movie is epic!!

  10. OneStroh says:

    fast d/l great film great quality thx 10/10

  11. ennfenn says:

    Slow speed!!! seed pleaseeee

  12. kizziemoma says:

    great movie great download cheers

  13. geertweggen says:

    very nice movie and quality Thanks

  14. artieacdc69 says:


  15. Marcel7 says:



  16. AbDevils says:

    As always, When something good comes out…Deres a wee bunch of seeders and a whole lot of leechers….sigh..

  17. NZownsUSA says:

    Here’s the thing dumb cunts, don’t rate A=* V=* then add “for a cam” because an AV=10 “for a cam” could be the same thing as AV=1 on a normal movie… It’s like rating a fish 1/10 “for a fish”

  18. ragokeci says:

    The screenshots look great… but it’s taking forever to download.. more seeds please?

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