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Paranormal Activity 4 – 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman Running Time : 95 minutes Genre :
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The plot is undisclosed at this time.


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20 Responses so far.

  1. k_aname says:

    Thank u you the best !!!!

  2. phaaiza says:

    always great work

  3. kenagunner says:


  4. ryanh2486 says:

    thanx alot for this, your the best.

  5. scuba2363 says:

    thanks bro.. sweet download..
    download time 1h 8mins..
    nice work

  6. costatin says:

    10/10 gr8 movie !

  7. meagain01 says:

    many tnx

  8. Arthurien says:

    Many thanks

  9. warmonger3 says:

    Been wanting to see this. Thanks for the share.

  10. nicobollini says:

    thx man!.. downloading!

  11. SuperSrt4 says:

    thank you, fast download and good seeds. Will seed for anybody else.

  12. rgarjr78 says:

    Fucking awesome movie.

  13. mikekolesar says:

    A: 9
    V: 9
    M: 9

    Fantastic movie. Thanks for uploading will seed

  14. bekhousse says:

    A:10 V:10 M:9 funny as

  15. Thejohndoemofo says:

    Any dude that downloads this needs to have his man card taked away!

  16. mulukku1 says:

    Yes, this movie is shit.

  17. ufalum88 says:

    This was a bad movie…and I love Viking flicks. It started in a promising fashion, but ended poorly.

    A – 9
    V- 7-8
    M – 3

  18. agarsum says:

    A: 8
    V: 8
    M: 8 if you like violence and action
    M: 2 if you dont like violence and action

  19. ecnav says:

    V: 8
    A: 8

    Very much watchable altho i kinda wish he had of left the waterwarks alone, Rather some translucent words that you eventually forget all about then a strip of blur that is instantly noticeable but grateful for the rip none the less.

  20. restrictive says:

    Are you on Win or mac

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