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One for the Money 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Julie Anne Robinson Running Time : 91 minutes Genre : , ,
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Jersey girl Stephanie Plum after losing her job, is broke. Needing a job she is told that her cousin, a bail bondsman, needs someone to help out in the office. But all he has are skip tracers. She learns that Joe Morelli, a guy she knew intimately years ago, is one of them. She eventually finds him but wasn’t really prepared so he gets away. Another bounty hunter, Ranger tries to teach her. Eventually she finds him again but he claims he is innocent of the crime he is accused of and he is trying to prove his innocence. Eventually Stephanie thinks he’s telling the truth so she stakes out the person who can help him but she only finds herself in trouble and Morelli saves her. She tries to find someone who can prove his innocence but problem is shortly after meeting with them they’re killed or attacked.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. sonny1960 says:

    Thanks for the up. Will seed

  2. blackmarketmusic says:

    Excellent quality! Thank you :-)

  3. BloodBroHS says:

    thank you :)

  4. avian4518 says:

    amazing! Thank You!

  5. ScottyD7421 says:

    Thanks for uploading , appreciate your work as always :-)


  6. dabladoo says:

    sample looks very good


  7. charley0 says:

    excellent thanks *S

  8. MusicalMonkey says:

    ty for ul, good job :)

  9. Granchy says:

    V: 8
    A: 7

    It’s a good rip.

  10. itsmej says:

    A – 9
    V – 9
    M – 9.5

    Great movie! thanks much for the upload! 😀

  11. nigolit94 says:

    M: FUCKING 10
    Loved it

  12. snowwhite36 says:

    Perfect, thanks.

    A: 8
    V: 9
    M: 8

  13. jelena87 says:

    Thanks …always first to upload :)
    Nyc work

  14. Xenirina says:

    You rarely see better quality for this than a CAM/TS rip. Thanks a lot.

  15. Basstronics says:

    Good quality, Ive been waiting for this. Movie is much better than the original, for those of us who watched the original back in the day. This is fully modernized with some differences.

  16. mezentius says:

    Wild Movie. Thanks for the upload.

  17. lunaserax says:

    Well the blur areas are a little annoying, but it is certainly a watchable option – the quality/color of the picture in this movie looks weird even in theaters because of the hfr filming I’m guessing.

    I can’t believe there is no LES MISERABLES SCR yet?? hint hint 😀

  18. CRISPIGGY says:


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