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Ninja Assassin 2009

Year : 2009 Director : James McTeigue Running Time : 99 minutes Genre : , ,
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Trained since childhood to be a lethal killer, Raizo has since turned his back on the Ozunu clan that raised him and now seeks revenge for their heartless murders. Teaming up with Europol investigator Mika, Raizo steadily butchers his enemies while inching ever closer to the long-awaited bloody reunion with his former master.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. x3panda says:

    its good. thnx

  2. piratewsc says:

    Thanks, good quality! =)

  3. Assproking says:

    Nice movie ! Again, every time =D

  4. keitherton says:

    A9/V9 Thanks a bunch, looking forward to watching this one..

  5. blueberrie says:

    thx a bunch..will seed for a bit =)

  6. spitzfartz says:

    A/V 9
    M 9
    Very awesome torrent. Thanks!

  7. kryptoss97 says:

    Great Quality!


  8. zerothdegree says:


    V 9
    A 8
    M 9

    Best copy so far.

  9. Jayden933 says:

    Thank God for screeners!

  10. rashinuhh says:

    Seeding now. THANKS!

  11. kolopiratebay says:

    I hate my wife for making me watch this piece of crap. Thank you for ruining my Saturday guy!

  12. Trusted crwildman says:

    Finally got to sit down and watch this one.

    Movie is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

    Very very good movie.


  13. alrightbob says:

    Enjoyable movie. Not brilliant but definitely watchable.
    Thanks . Really appreciate your uploads.

  14. MisterLL says:

    v8,a8,m7 A good entertaining movie, thanks

  15. VIP extrem says:

    booter…if you close internet client and open again you can vote again so a user doesn’t have what to do with life

  16. AbDevils says:

    It works….DVD clarity….Thnxx uploader

  17. Mukhlis says:

    wtf is A V shit

  18. beckham77 says:

    A5 V7

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