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Machine Gun Preacher 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Marc Forster Running Time : 129 minutes Genre : , ,
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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, addicted gang biker Sam Childs is released from prison and learns that his wife Lynn is no longer a stripper but has converted to Christianity. One night, Sam and his best friend Donnie give a ride to a hitchhiker who threatens Donnie with a pocketknife; however Sam reacts and turns the tables on the stranger. Sam is affected by the incident and is convinced by Lynn and his mother Daisy to join their church, and he is baptized. Sam finds a straight job in construction. When he meets a preacher from Africa, he decides to visit the continent. Sam travels to Northern Uganda and South Sudan many times and builds an orphanage for the victims of the cruel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Further, he fights whenever necessary and becomes a legend known as The Machine Gun Preacher.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. inspiratieloos says:

    A: 10
    V: 10

    great movie

  2. ashen77 says:

    pamante.. wow, thats amazing…

  3. buseireann says:

    uploader did a great job. Thanks.

    V10 A10 M8

  4. Aboo17 says:

    Cool Thanks bro

  5. WrohlerN says:

    A 10
    V 10
    M 9

    interesting film!

  6. ScottyD7421 says:

    Much appreciate the upload


    V/10 – Picture was excellent
    A/10 – Crystal clear


  7. steven4 says:

    A 10 V 10 PERFECT 10… thanx…

  8. raider1971 says:

    Why bother asking about the quality, It’s and they’re always 10/10

  9. Iamthetruth617 says:

    Seed Mother fuckers i am uploading at 3.60 MBPS Im downloading at 10 fucking kbps…

  10. djaalog says:

    Thanks , great up! will seed @100mbps for 100gb

  11. JarjarTwink says:

    A 8
    V 9
    no problems whatsoever.
    used latest Media player classic.

  12. tororosso85 says:

    The file works fine…

  13. Decyde says:

    Very watchable. It’s a bit shaky and the dark scenes are like every other came, dark.

    A/V – 6/7

  14. furash says:

    is this for real???
    its real :)

  15. MrIks says:

    where the fuck is part 1 ? :)

  16. Klee63 says:


    Watchable and well done XXXlavalxxx for free

  17. DrMD says:

    Very watchable A=6 V=7 M=9, excellent entertainment though

  18. NecumKriple says:

    thanx 4 sharing .. long live .. fuck money !

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