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Killers 2010

Year : 2010 Director : Robert Luketic Running Time : 100 minutes Genre : , ,
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Spencer Aimes is just your average, undercover, government-hired super-assassin accustomed to a life of exotic European locales, flashy sports cars and even flashier women. But when he meets Jen Kornfeldt, a beautiful, fun-loving computer tech recovering from a bad break-up, he finds true love…and happily trades international intrigue for domestic bliss. Three years later, Spencer and Jen are still enjoying a picture-perfect marriage – that is, until the morning after Spencer’s 30th birthday. That’s when Spencer and Jen learn he’s the target of a multi-million dollar hit. Even worse, the hired killers have been stalking the happy couple for years, and could be anyone: friends, neighbors, the grocery store clerk, even that crabby old guy shuffling across the street. Now Spencer and Jen are on the run for their lives. As their suburban paradise turns into a paranoid game of dodge-the-bullet…


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17 Responses so far.

  1. Lucifer007 says:

    Great Upload! Enjoy this Movie. Thank You So Much!

  2. JustAssKing says:

    Very good quality and very good film, thanks!

  3. avatarjokumo says:

    A = 9
    V = 9
    M = 9
    Great download, thanks!

  4. Ysoof_Q8 says:

    Ty ur the best

  5. cyklopPL says:

    Cool movie, good a v quality. Cheers

  6. Alex3942 says:

    Great DVD quality.
    A 10
    V 10
    M 9

    Actually a good movie.

  7. RIIX says:

    Thank You for the up!

  8. Norren says:

    on sampel
    A 10
    V 10

    but rely slow download.. i do get as highest 45 k/bit sec

  9. jerome258 says:

    a/v: 9/9

  10. freeegatee says:

    Thanks much.

  11. Jack says:

    A – 10
    V – 10

    M – 8

    Thanks !

  12. MethaDream says:

    Please seed after downloading, Thanks!!!

  13. uldis3829 says:

    Why non DVD RIP ??? Wont watch cam rip.

  14. gringo_zzz says:

    Any English subtitles available? Thanks!

  15. notnowplz says:

    is this 1 or 2 cd’s???

  16. regbrill says:

    Great movie, but quality is pretty bad. I was searching, and I found HD version at ,and it worked great for me!

  17. TWEETY2455 says:

    The only `movies` i dont download at tpb are the porn ones,those poor girls work so hard so hard 4 their money,i buy the dvds.

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