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Jurassic Park IV 2013

Year : 2013 Director : Joe Johnston Running Time : 98 minutes Genre : , ,
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Dr. Alan Grant is now a happy man with the previous incidents of Jurassic Park now behind him. Grant is that happy that he announce in public, that nothing on Earth can persuade him back onto the islands. Maybe nothing, except Paul Kirby. Kirby and his wife, Amanda want a plane to fly them over Isla Sorna, with Dr. Grant as their guide. But not everything Kirby says is true. When the plane lands, Dr. Grant realizes that there is another reason why they are there, that he doesn’t know of. Now, Dr. Grant is stuck on an island he has never been on before, with what was a plane journey now turned into a search party.


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19 Responses so far.

  1. Naralli15 says:

    Nice movie thanks 😀

  2. J3rryKo42O says:

    thanks for the upload , evrything works great :)

  3. drealmackoy says:

    thank you so much for the upload.. your D BEST!!!

  4. f4tass says:

    inspiring movie
    V: 9/10
    A: 9/10
    M: 9/10

  5. TheShed420 says:

    Thanks a million! Great torrent.

  6. Wolfzilla says:


    Ive been waiting for a watchable version of this for ages.

    Thanks man!

  7. expens says:

    Thanks! Been waiting forever for this.

  8. haidi431 says:

    Great quality and a great movie! Thanks.

  9. mentalityx says:

    Good movie and the quality was great. Thanks

  10. magical says:

    A/V: 10
    Movie: Solid 8

  11. Stheens says:

    Great movie!

    V: 9
    A: 7
    M: 10

  12. Ju4nP4 says:

    A. 10
    V: 9


  13. libertaswv says:

    Hey, thanks :). Gonna check em out… Thanks for taking the time :)

  14. ashley11591 says:


    its the best one out ther so far thanks for putting up a great copy

  15. Conflicted says:

    A/V= 8
    the fat turned skinny kid killed the movie he cant act… even the kid from hunger games steps his shit up!

  16. cman7721 says:

    A: 6
    V: 5

    This is definitely watchable, although the big finale is really dark and hard to see, which kinda puts a damper on the whole thing…still, worth a DL.

  17. likhon11 says:

    DARK SREST ĆU TE KAD TAD U GRADU NEGDJE. Kad tad a onda ide naplata za ove trostruke spamove jebo ti pas mater retardiranu…

  18. ironymon says:

    This movie is tracked? Not in my country, besides, no one can track millions of pirates, billions possibly.

  19. saleem says:

    Nice movie thanks for uploading

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