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Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Brad Peyton Running Time : 94 minutes Genre : , ,
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The 17-year-old Sean Anderson receives a coded signal and his stepfather Hank helps him to decipher the message. They find that Sean’s grandfather Alexander Anderson has found the mysterious island in the Pacific described by Julio Verne and two other writers in their novels. The stubborn Sean wants to travel to the coordinates and Hank decides to buy the tickets and travel with the teenager to a small island nearby the location. They rent an old helicopter owned by the locals Gabato and his teenage daughter Kailani and the group heads to the unknown spot. Along their journey, they cross a hurricane and crash in the island. They find a beautiful and dangerous place, surrounded by forests, volcanoes with lava of gold and menacing life forms. The meet also the old Alexander and Hank discovers that the island is sinking. Now their only chance to survive is to find the legendary Nautilus.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. Mister22 says:

    Thanks for the movie :X

  2. run4it says:

    A/V: 9
    Thank you!

  3. princprong says:

    Video very good quality! Big thank you for this work

  4. vampzcore says:

    A9 V9 best quality

  5. Goodklaat says:

    V/A: 10 M:10

    Great movie! Never really interested in these sort of movies but this is must watch!

  6. mattm2047 says:

    Great movie

  7. JarjarTwink says:


  8. h0546765034 says:

    Great quality and a great movie! Thanks

  9. OliverTwist26 says:

    Great quality. Thanks for this.

  10. BillyBold says:

    Cheers for the movie.

  11. ProCanadian says:


  12. eatmyteashurt says:

    I miss you my love!

  13. whymichael says:

    Thanks for a great movie.

    A – 9
    V – 8
    M – 9

  14. skyrimz says:

    a: 10
    v: 10
    movie: 10

  15. Jack_Reacher says:

    Aces, thanks for the up! Great quality as I have seen from your other ups.

  16. blknu71 says:

    Thanks DLoader!

  17. Shtefu says:

    There’s a really annoying two huge blurred pixel on the left part of the screen. Other than than it’s a decent image.

  18. ironymon says:

    This movie is tracked? Not in my country, besides, no one can track millions of pirates, billions possibly.

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