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Green Lantern 2011

Year : Director : Martin Campbell Running Time : 114 minutes Genre : , ,
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A cocky test pilot, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), acquires superhuman powers when he is chosen by “the Ring”, the willpower-fed source of power, of the Green Lantern Intergalactic Corps. He, reluctantly at first, takes on the challenges these superheroes face. Putting his self-doubts aside, and spurred on by his sense of duty and love for his beautiful, intellectually equal, colleague, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), he is soon called to defend mankind from Parallax, a super-powerful being who feeds on fear. He is the universe’s last chance, as many Lanterns have been killed and the Corps is weakened. And he might just be the right Lantern for the job of keeping the world safe from harm. Based on the characters of DC Comics series “Green Lantern”.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. neSho10 says:

    Awesome as always :)

  2. senssuiy says:

    great movie thanks…

  3. SCHWEITZERG says:

    V: 10
    A: 10

    Great Torrent!

  4. bobsgurl says:

    All good!!!!

  5. zagzaggy says:

    Good work!!!!

  6. paata01 says:

    V 9
    A 9
    M 8

  7. Lordwise says:

    Thank you for the upload . The quality is ok. not HD and all but watchable. The storyline makes up for all that. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  8. karlocool says:

    An other great movie uploaded !! Thanks :)

  9. ady_tohbe2 says:


    Thanks for uploading

  10. vikingman11 says:

    A9/V8. Video has a slight jerkiness to it and hard subs, but very good resolution.

  11. sherco250 says:

    thanks…great copy but kinda stupid movie

  12. boygalang0806 says:

    I have nothing to say but you are trully the best uploder…thanks =)

  13. BakedUp says:

    A – 10
    V – 9
    M – Personal opinion 8

    I cried watching this and i’m a straight 22 year old male, WTF? xD
    Thanks for the upload pirate!!!!

  14. crwildman says:

    yah good movie for all you pussy whipped boys to have to sit through because your girl wanted to watch it.

  15. ggg9114 says:

    hey can you do “Kill Kill Faster Faster” i can’t find it anywhere else.
    this is the first time i’m requesting anyone :)

  16. hmlgs says:

    A: 8

  17. FDSeoul says:

    Thanks for the upload mate. For those of you who just leech and not seed FUCK YOU.

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