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God Bless America 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Bobcat Goldthwait Running Time : 105 minutes Genre : ,
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Loveless, jobless, possibly terminally ill, Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. With nothing left to lose, Frank takes his gun and offs the stupidest, cruelest, and most repellent members of society. He finds an unusual accomplice: 16-year-old Roxy, who shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. MrAlice says:

    awsome movie, I give it 9/10

  2. peaSoup says:

    A-10 V-10 M-11, impressive stuff, best one yet, thank you

  3. SkeeLo65 says:

    God, save America.

    A/V 10/10 Thx uploader. Keep up the good work.

  4. jaskaan says:

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into uploading this movie.

  5. art10 says:

    thanks fast download only took about 30 min. to DL

  6. HamDaddy says:

    Video and audio are quality are excellent! Awesome movie as well.

  7. trojanic says:

    Fucking AWESOME movie, and great upload. Thanks for this! My 4yo LOVES it.

  8. Kinectd says:

    Been waiting for this for ages. Thanks so much !

    A: 10
    V: 10

    M: 10. Can’t wait to watch this one!

  9. jobel says:

    i will watch it today, thank you so much!

  10. Sarom says:

    A good fix but you lowered the quality a lot!
    I found better to do myself the same edition you did.

  11. SuperBasedMan says:

    Movie is definitely worth ‘the watch’. 😀

  12. yxkutt says:

    download was bit slow…took about 2h, but that’s fine considering lack of seeders.
    A: 10
    V: 10
    M: 6 – was bit boring. don’t understand why it’s so highly spoken of.
    quality suffers because three 30sec. repeated scenes in it.
    otherwise thanks

  13. tapp3r says:

    It’s far from perfect.

  14. Chased911 says:

    is it the whole movie? some bitches here complain it stops after 122 mins?

  15. DaruuT-T says:

    M-9 (it could just be better)

  16. NecroFile says:

    I love awards season. Thanks for the up 😀

  17. SplatterKing says:

    Thanx a lot peeps haven’t seen the movie but I’ve heard good things. XD

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