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Dredd 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Pete Travis Running Time : 108 minutes Genre : , ,
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The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One – a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of “Slo-Mo” experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed. During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson, a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture – a 200 story vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma and her ruthless clan…


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18 Responses so far.

  1. vampzcore says:


  2. mrovingien2 says:

    Audio and Video are good. The movie is great.

  3. Zombiesaysgrr says:

    Amazing quality. 10/10

  4. Iamthetruth617 says:

    Good quality thanks.

  5. hermanbes says:

    hi Great downloads! fast and good quality. Thanks. Cant wait for thios film.

  6. mpenn20 says:

    Awesome upload.

  7. shane3900 says:

    9/10 quality. thanx uploader and seeders.

  8. futai says:

    Great work!!!! A9 / V9 you done well m8….

  9. nihilizm says:

    Brilliant movie

    a – 10
    v – 10
    m – 10

  10. ferpirate says:

    Opa! que beleza! muito obrigado por compartilhar com a gente o filme

  11. libertaswv says:

    Thx once again to – Nice copy. Sincerely appreciate your work.

    Thx also to izitox, tyranite, and all seeders and leechers.

    10/10 (9/9 if you’re a stickler)


  12. Dynasaty says:

    Prob the best CAM I have seen…very nice. TY. 8/8

  13. Tegra3 says:

    Thank You, Can’t wait to see why PPL keep saying Excellent movie and what’s the hype all about. Excellent movie = GLADIATOR.

  14. Pirate2P says:

    Great quality, much appreciated
    v: 9
    a: 9

  15. chiverito says:

    can someone please tell me how to get the two files into a single one?

  16. rockodss says:

    No need to ask for quality. Its awesome.


  17. itisme2011 says:


  18. HKCannibal says:

    Thanks !

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