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Crank 2006

Year : 2006 Director : Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor Running Time : 88 minutes Genre : , ,
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The hit-man Chev Chelios is poisoned by the criminal Verona and his friend and doctor Miles advises him that he must keep his adrenaline in an upper level to stay alive. Chev meets his girlfriend Eve and together he looks for Verona to kill him.


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15 Responses so far.

  1. casinocock says:

    Great Movie! 100% action! Great camara work, original shots. Jason at his best!

  2. apels1nen says:

    A: 10
    V: 10
    M: 9

    Great movie, awesome actors!

  3. goalie75 says:

    YES!!!!!!! You just made my night!

  4. Rominiust says:

    A: 10
    V: 10
    M: 20

    It was a fantastic movie, loved every second of it, had a huge smile on my face during the awesome scenes. Thanks for the up!

  5. djaalog says:


  6. 8899liava says:

    Thanks haven’t watched it yet but you have never let me down!

  7. dac1949 says:

    A=9 V=9

  8. mulukku1 says:

    Yes, this movie was shit. Good that the biggest faggot of them all died pretty quick.

  9. a34 says:

    Seed you selfish bastards 20-40 kb/s?

  10. coresnake says:

    Sci-fi my ass, fuck you for wasting my time with this CRAP.

  11. nicky says:

    thanks for the effort :)

  12. Zashiking says:


    Great upload, thanks.
    Still waiting for BRrip or DVDrip

  13. XTZCharlie says:

    THanks for the upload. Great Quality. pointless movie though had its moments!!
    m= -10000000000000

  14. Angolmagyar says:

    Guys, just watched the movie (fucking epic, in my opinion :D) and dont worry, AnnaBelleta wasnt exactly accurate.. im not gonna spoil it so watch it and see for urself, but ignore her comment.

  15. ScottyD7421 says:

    Hi , thanks for the up!!

    Ummm, according to IMDB this is episode 6 of season 1 and runs for 22 minutes. How is this in the top 100??

    Meesa confused!! :-)

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