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Craigslist Joe

Year : 2012 Director : Joseph Garner Running Time : 90 minutes Genre : ,
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In a time when America’s economy was crumbling and sense of community was in question, one guy left everything behind to see if he could survive solely on the support and goodwill of the 21st century’s new town square: Craigslist.


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18 Responses so far.

  1. 66Steve says:

    Thank you

  2. CDUKSHN says:

    Scanned clean

  3. drlogin says:

    The theme of the movie is nice!!

  4. mpenn20 says:

    Thanks for the upload , much appreciated.

  5. Senesence says:

    One the best of the year!

  6. marvzki says:


  7. pottermouth says:

    thank you

  8. eshborn says:

    Amazing movie
    thank you So much

  9. monoxide says:

    thanks man. been wanting this. will defiantly seed to atleast 1.0 ratio

  10. tops says:

    Good movie I give it a 8.5.

  11. YardBoy says:

    0.7 kB/s down, 143.7 kB/s up
    To the next ass clown shouting “SEED”, I’ll be sending a pint of STFU.

  12. PltosChrm says:

    Great job, Legend!

  13. Whodat506 says:

    Doubt that,,,the movie is a 5 maybe and audio/video 5

  14. chenzhen says:

    Thanks a bunch man!!! Keep up the good work..
    Happy new year to all my fellow pirates!!!

  15. freeegatee says:

    Thanks much.

  16. Granchy says:

    V: 8
    A: 7

    It’s a good rip.

  17. sneakyRAT says:

    I have seen the movies at the cinemas, don’t see it in a bad copy. I reccomend a dvdrip or otherwise.

  18. unogazzy says:

    V 9
    A 6

    My speakers distort horribly in the scenes with loud sounds such as when the beanstock comes bursting through the ground

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