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Bullet to the Head 2013

Year : 2013 Director : Walter Hill Running Time : 97 minutes Genre : , ,
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After watching their respective partners die, a cop and a hitman form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy.


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19 Responses so far.

  1. bonecadengosa says:

    thanks so much! movie 10/10

  2. mpampis says:

    thank you…you rock!!!!

  3. GhostOnes says:

    Excellent! THX!

  4. FLGxBoNez says:

    excellent quality and audio
    really ggreat movie

  5. FatMarauder says:

    wow,theres some good feedback in the comments about these movie,cheers :).

  6. blender12 says:

    gr8 job, works 4 me :)

  7. jelena87 says:

    Loved it…
    thanks uploader

  8. HondaBooster says:

    Thanx, whanto watch this with my girlfriend tomorrow

  9. Kaldorei_hunter says:

    Works perfectly ! Thanks =D

  10. mcneely7 says:

    One of the finest bond films to date

  11. Pdid says:

    This movie sucks. Period.

  12. Jayst_05 says:

    Thanks …A9.5 V9.5 for me..

  13. Granchy says:

    V: 8
    A: 7

    It’s a good rip.

  14. Pirate2P says:

    Much appreciated – saves the day again!

  15. fistanleydo says:

    All you fuckers complaining about leechers must have horrible bandwidth. Quit being cheap bastards, if you’re going to pirate movies, you can afford good internet.

  16. christianbale says:

    fistanleydo! This movie is truly amazing.

  17. noTURF says:

    SHIT movie recommended to NOT watch, what has been seen can not be unseen

  18. RyouSosuke says:

    Hawkeye, high as fuck, hunting witches and shit.

  19. HKCannibal says:

    Thanks a lot!

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