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Blue Valentine 2010

Year : 2010 Director : Derek Cianfrance Running Time : 112 minutes Genre : ,
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Dean Pereira and Cindy Heller Pereira are a young, working class married couple – Dean currently working as a painter, and Cindy working as a nurse in a medical clinic – with a young daughter named Frankie. Despite their relatively tender ages, they are both ravaged by the life they’ve eked out together and by the experiences they’ve had leading into their marriage. Dean, a high school drop out, comes from a broken home, where he never really had a mother figure. He never saw himself getting married or having a family despite falling in love at first sight with Cindy. He doesn’t have any professional ambition beyond his current work – which he enjoys since he feels he can knock off a beer at 8 o’clock in the morning without it affecting his work – although Cindy believes he has so much more potential in life. Cindy also comes from a dysfunctional family, with her own mother and father not setting an example of a harmonious married or family life…


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17 Responses so far.

  1. thorshji says:

    this was hilarious!
    I recommend this video for everybody!

  2. LarryInColumbus says:

    As always, thanks and keep up the great work.

  3. Boostpimp says:

    Thanks for the movie, been waiting on this one.
    A/V 10/9
    Movie 9

    Good , thanks again.

  4. peopelle says:

    Very nice up , tnx alot
    A 9
    V 9

  5. digital.dominion says:

    SAMPLE looks great. BEST COPY YET, BY FAR! Starting download now…

  6. Zanmann says:

    Very good movie, thanks!


  7. WildcardSearch says:

    Always good uploads.

  8. desuru says:

    thank you for the awesome movie.

  9. lanebob13 says:


  10. callasif says:

    waited for long time for this…thanx

  11. i.m.d.1 says:

    My first comment here on pb!

    Eng subtitles i can confirm that worked for me perfectly:

    Hope this is usefull!

  12. jameskrueger2nd says:


    A, V = 10
    M = 2, waste of time

  13. Anon[pirate]RioT says:

    Created an account just to say… Thanks ! You never fail.

  14. kolopiratebay says:

    I hate my wife for making me watch this piece of crap. Thank you for ruining my Saturday guy!

  15. TYSeedRs says:

    Good Upload
    M:10 (Retarded Funny)

  16. zakimar5 says:

    It’s too bad they picked Hawkeye to “star” in this film, he was definitely the weak link in the Avengers movie.

  17. 555222 says:

    Hi if someone find english subtitle, my daughter is deaf, tk for the movie

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