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Blitz 2011

Year : 2011 Director : Elliott Lester Running Time : 97 minutes Genre : ,
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Detective Sergeant Tom Brant who is dispatched to take down a serial killer hell bent on killing off the police force one by one. “The Blitz” manages to slip through the grasp of Tom every time, and with the precious lives of his colleagues diminishing one by one, Tom is led to the question: if we can’t protect our own, then what good are we?


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  1. lagimati007 says:

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  2. X-Bit says:

    A special THANK YOU for this one!

    A: 10
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  3. GestapoPolice says:

    Great Upload. Awesome Movie

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    great upload mate:)

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  7. KIDDE15 says:

    Great torrent, pretty good film too.

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    Thankyou! As always! Will seed

  14. isteal2 says:

    Surprisingly good movie. Liked it a lot

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    V – very good
    M – excellent

  15. shabbamanuk says:

    fucking awful awful film.

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  17. rowjack93 says:

    dont download, there is some stupid kid who is in the way pre much teh whole way throughout the movie

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