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Being Flynn 2012

Year : 2012 Director : Paul Weitz Running Time : 102 minutes Genre :
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Nick Flynn, in his 20s, hasn’t found his place in the world yet, but hopes to be a writer. Around the time he takes a job at a homeless shelter in Boston, his father, Jonathan, who considers himself a great writer and who hasn’t see Nick in years, abruptly makes fleeting contact. A few months later, the down-and-out Jonathan shows up at Nick’s shelter and becomes a resident. This disorients Nick; he doesn’t handle it well, compounded by Jonathan’s belligerent behavior. Nick’s memories of his mother, his budding relationship with a co-worker, and his own demons make things worse. Can anything improve? Is he his father’s son?


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18 Responses so far.

  1. clguzman2694 says:

    Thanks a lot man..

  2. scotskitten says:

    Excellent movie, quality 10/10

  3. usefordownload says:

    thank you for uploading mate

  4. Jamalins says:

    M: Definitely better than expected.

  5. MrAssistance says:

    Thanks for uploading. I absolutely loved the movie.

    AVM 10

  6. TheFiremaster says:

    Keep these screeners coming brilliant!

  7. rootvpn_com says:

    V: 9/10
    A: 9/10
    M: 8/10

    ty to all the seeders! time to return the fav!

  8. 666s says:

    thanks dude

  9. perten1216 says:

    a/9/v9 thank you

  10. charley0 says:

    Excellent quality, thanks *S

  11. Rominiust says:

    A: 10
    V: 10
    M: 20

    It was a fantastic movie, loved every second of it, had a huge smile on my face during the awesome scenes. Thanks for the up!

  12. cowman2000 says:

    Holy shit, thank you so much. Almost downloaded a fake once. About time a torrent for this film came out, and from a good source also! You are awesome

  13. tsubodai says:

    exelent quality a 10, v 10
    cool movie too


  14. bsitka409 says:

    C’mon people FUCKING SEED!!!!

  15. ClickTPB says:

    This a legit dvd rip? Mmmm will test

  16. smitty007 says:

    Seed you cunts.

  17. hdr4174 says:

    Judging by the sample this looks to be EXCELLENT. cant wait to download, will have to wait til i hit some decent wifi. Be sure to see it in theaters, it was terrific in 3d. Thank you to everyone who made this torrent possible.

  18. stang5litre says:

    Thanks for the upload
    This needs to be put in the right section as well. 705.79MB is no where near Blu-Ray
    But the quality is still above average by all means.
    Thanks !!!

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