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American Pie 1999

Year : 1999 Director : Paul Weitz Running Time : 95 minutes Genre : ,
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Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin are four friends who make a pact that before they graduate they will all lose their virginity. The hard job now is how to reach that goal by prom night. Whilst Oz begins singing to grab attention and Kevin tries to persuade his girlfriend, Finch tries any easy route of spreading rumors and Jim fails miserably. Whether it is being caught on top of a pie or on the Internet, Jim always end up with his trusty sex advice from his father. Will they achieve their goal of getting laid by prom night? or will they learn something much different.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. V3nom says:

    Seed And Enjoy! movie 10/10

  2. wolverine3381 says:

    Great upload, A=9 V=9

  3. r1chee says:

    thanks for this good job

  4. nPanda says:

    great torrent!

    Totally watchable

  5. drealmackoy says:

    thank you so much for the upload.. your D BEST!!!


  6. ScottyD7421 says:

    Excellent quality download.


    Mucho thanks for the upload :-)

  7. FlopoMarx says:

    Many thanks

  8. sgta says:


    too bad that its in 2 files

  9. deathsfeet says:

    My bad, MGM classic.

  10. toephu says:

    shitty quality

  11. Gromnir says:

    For a DVDrip
    A: 4
    V: 6
    Watched the first 4 min and couldn’t stand it beyond that.

  12. charlesboyer says:

    A – 8
    V – 9
    M – 10

  13. skljom says:

    A 10
    V 10
    Movie is awesome, 10/10 for me.

  14. blackbarsnope says:

    brilliant movie

  15. sphinxsix says:

    Good movie though I had bigger expectations.. Audio isn’t out of sync, your players are. A-8 V-8 M-8 THX .!

  16. PetaFlux says:

    Is this the same old cam again?

  17. warmonger3 says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the upload and to the peeps for the reviews and the seeds of course. 😉

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