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Alice in Wonderland 2010

Year : 2010 Director : Tim Burton Running Time : 108 minutes Genre : , ,
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Alice, an unpretentious and individual 19-year-old, is betrothed to a dunce of an English nobleman. At her engagement party, she escapes the crowd to consider whether to go through with the marriage and falls down a hole in the garden after spotting an unusual rabbit. Arriving in a strange and surreal place called “Underland,” she finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares she had as a child, filled with talking animals, villainous queens and knights, and frumious bandersnatches. Alice realizes that she is there for a reason–to conquer the horrific Jabberwocky and restore the rightful queen to her throne.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. omisalman says:

    Finally!! Have been waiting for this movie.

  2. Real_Deal says:

    Fucking awesome copy!
    Thank you.


  3. PsyDoX2011 says:

    Audio: 10
    Video: 10
    Thanks A LOT :)

  4. katmc51 says:

    Very good watchable copy. A/V 9/9 TY

  5. princprong says:

    Video very good quality! Big thank you for this work

  6. DTake2012 says:

    A: 10/10
    V: 10/10

    Keep ’em coming . You rock!

  7. Deac0n11 says:

    A:9/ V:8 …. M:10 Really enjoyed the movie, the copy is great will keep this in my collection. Thank you for uploading.

  8. Drorv says:

    Great stuff! DVD Quality!
    A: 9/10
    V: 9/10

  9. flyhigh92 says:

    seeed pleasee :( it’s very slooow..

  10. Helroy says:

    V:8 A:5
    Good watch, great movie.

  11. memark says:

    downloaded great picture but no sound not like might want to check your upload

  12. fistanleydo says:

    This mans opinion.
    M/0 too bad I can never un-see it. Thanks for the upload though, the quality is in keeping.

  13. ichain says:

    Whoever is typing “WTF No Sound”,

    Go to “audio devices” select “Stereo” instead of 5.1 surround . You probably don’t have 5 speakers ! 😛

  14. spex420 says:


    Average a/v awesome movie 5 stars for originality i love movies that focus on real life type shit

  15. mgwump200 says:

    Its not out of sync – its just fine .
    motto don`t watch on a crappy PS3

  16. ReubenMa says:

    A/V: 10

  17. WordsMyth says:

    and I am not a fan boy just awesome movie

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