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A Dangerous Method 2011

Year : 2011 Director : David Cronenberg Running Time : 99 minutes Genre : , ,
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Suffering from hysteria, Sabina Spielrein is hospitalized under the care of Dr. Carl Jung who has begun using Dr. Sigmund Freud’s talking cure with some of his patients. Spielrain’s psychological problems are deeply rooted in her childhood and violent father. She is highly intelligent however and hopes to be a doctor, eventually becoming a psychiatrist in her own right. The married Jung and Spielrein eventually become lovers. Jung and Freud develop an almost father-son relationship with Freud seeing the young Jung as his likely successor as the standard-bearer of his beliefs. A deep rift develops between them when Jung diverges from Freud’s belief that while psychoanalysis can reveal the cause of psychological problems it cannot cure the patient.


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17 Responses so far.

  1. DevilPrez says:

    Video 10 Audio 10 many thanx, I will seed twice or more

  2. Imposter10 says:

    Thanx. Video and sound are good. Liked the movie too.

  3. obfuscate says:

    Thanks for the upload

    A: 9
    V: 9

  4. CatOnDrugs says:

    Movie is amazing, and the quality was good enough for me not to notice anything.

  5. Crymmsun says:

    Awesome upload!

  6. ganjubi says:

    A: 9
    V: 10
    M: 8.5

    Long scenes made it good.

  7. stlctan says:

    A 9
    V 9
    M 9
    great movie

  8. Som says:


  9. ohhai86 says:

    Great cam copy!
    Audio: 8
    Video: 8


  10. iulixmax says:

    This is not even DVDRip.
    A: 10
    V: 10
    M: 8

  11. mentalityx says:

    Good movie and the quality was great. Thanks

  12. minkepants says:

    I appreciate the time and effort of the up-loader.

    The quality is just fine.

  13. wat_raz says:

    Don’t download if you have Windows Media Center
    wont work!

  14. AKemp10 says:

    Audio and Video out of sync to the point I stopped watching. Sad… was great quality.

  15. warmonger3 says:

    Muchos Gracias.

    A: 8
    V: 7

    Sync was fine on my Samsung. I loved the movie so ten for me.

  16. horus1sun says:


  17. SikDuc says:

    Gotta love any movie that has slow motion running of a hot chick in a low cut blouse! :)

    A9 V9

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